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July 5, 2024

From Bean to Bar: The Remarkable Journey of Peruvian Chocolate​


Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Machu Picchu Foods!

Every year on July 7th, chocolate lovers around the world come together to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Here at Machu Picchu Foods, we take this opportunity to honor the incredible journey of the cocoa bean, from its origins in Peru to its transformation into delightful treats.

Our infographic highlights the fascinating steps involved in crafting high-quality chocolate, each stage meticulously executed by our team of experts using a blend of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology.



A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

For over 30 years, Machu Picchu Foods has been a leading producer of premium chocolates, renowned for their exquisite taste and exceptional quality. Our dedication to using the finest Peruvian cocoa beans remains constant. We source our beans from sustainable farms, ensuring ethical and environmentally responsible practices throughout our supply chain.

The Art of Chocolate Making

At Machu Picchu Foods, we believe that chocolate making is an art form. We source the finest Peruvian cocoa beans, known for their unique flavor profile with hints of fruit and spice. Our meticulous attention to detail starts with the fermentation process, which unlocks the complex flavors of the cocoa beans. We then carefully roast the beans to enhance their flavor before the grinding stage, where the beans are transformed into a rich cocoa mass. This mass is then refined to create a smooth and silky texture. Finally, we conch the chocolate, a process that removes any bitterness and develops its full flavor potential.

More Than Just Chocolate

Machu Picchu Foods goes beyond simply crafting delicious chocolate. We collaborate with our partners to bring their chocolate dreams to life, transforming their vision into irresistible treats. Whether you crave decadent truffles or fun and colorful candy bars, we have the expertise and capabilities to turn your vision into reality.

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Us!

We’re passionate about sharing our love for chocolate with the world. Join us in celebrating World Chocolate Day and discover the magic of ethically sourced, high-quality Peruvian chocolate.