Fruit of the Gods!!

A passion, for quality cocoa and chocolate, handed down over 30 years.

We invited you to discover our remarkable selection of cocoa products and chocolates that are really special and unique to offer a surprising flavor experience even to the most demanding chocolate lovers.

Production of a high quality chocolate starts with the search for and selection of excellent cocoa beans at the origin followed by a careful manufacturing process to get intense fruity taste and a very smooth creamy texture.

In Machu Picchu Foods, we handle all the stages, from the way the cocoa is grown and throughout the preparation, storage and processing, respecting the natural times and methods.

Our work begins in the cultivation fields, working closely with over 15,000 family-owned farms, where we have established a stable ties and lasting relationships with the farmers based on respect and sustainability giving continuous support to improve production and agriculture practices.

High-grade raw cacao beans, from reliable and sustainable source, are processed in our facilities under solid a quality system which is up-to-date and certified to guarantee food safety in accordance with the highest international standards as demonstrated by our certifications.

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